In a specific polygraph test the test is conducted with specific facts provided to the examiner concerning a specific incident that has occurred. It is in-fact crucial that a pre-test interview is held with the client requesting the test to determine

The Polygraph is utilized to determine the subject’s honesty with regard to his employment application/history and possible inappropriate behaviour at previous employment. We recommend this kind of test for any new applications in any position

The Polygraph is utilized to determine the general honesty and trustworthiness of your existing employees over a period of time. We recommend that we don’t go further back than a period of 6(Six) months. 

Polygraph 2 You are able to conduct infidelity testing on spouses. This step is not recommended if there is still any hope of rectifying the relationship. The lie detector test should only be considered as a last resource.   It is strongly

All examiners at Polygraph 2 You are well trained and capable of being used as expert witnesses in labour related cases and CCMA cases where applicable.

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