We strive to  provide each and every client with excellent value for their money.

Costs should not be your first concern rather seeking a reputable polygraph examiner.  Training and experience should be your priority.

Polygraph 2 you are able to offer very competitive testing fees of around R685.00 per exam for polygraph testing. And for Voice Stress Analysis (VSA) from as little as R550 per exam.

Due to expensive training and equipment and taking into account the time consuming nature of a polygraph exam and the related paperwork as well as costs related to the upkeep of a professional office (rent, telephones, salaries etc.), a polygraph exam will normally not cost just a few Rand.

Costs may vary significantly depending on factors such as:
•         How many polygraph exams must be done in a particular case (if more than 3, discounts may become applicable);
•         Type of polygraph exam required (specific, pre-employment/periodic);
•          Polygraph exam would be done at our offices or not (travelling charges are applicable if testing is not done at our offices);
•          Interpreter may be required or not (if needed, additional fees/cost are payable);

We will be more than happy to provide you with a competitive quotation in writing, based on your particular needs.

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